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Scriptit doesn't work when iconised, does AutoIT?

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I log in remotely to a Vista PC from a laptop running XP.

On the Vista PC I run an application which sometimes opens a pop-up and waits for the pop-up to be OK'd.

This stops all my jobs from processing.

I asked the IT department if I could have AutoIT installed to look for the pop-up and close it.

They said I should use MicroSoft's "scriptit.exe" because it was already installed.

This runs and "OK"s the popup in some but not all circumstances.

When I remotely log in to the Vista PC, it appears as a window on my laptop.

If that window is full screen, then scriptit.exe can close the pop-up.

If that window is not full screen, but still visible then scriptit.exe can close the pop-up.

If that window is iconised, then scriptit.exe can't close the pop-up.

I'm not sure what happens if the screen saver comes on in that window.

If I disconnect from the Vista PC (but leave the job running) it seems that scriptit.exe can't close the popup, but I'm not sure if that is because:

-> I've disconnected,

-> the screen saver has come on,

-> some other reason.

I've tried disconnecting with the Vista PC window displayed, but it doesn't help.

So the question is:

Would AutoIt be able to close the pop-up under all or any of the above circumstances?

If so, then I'll try again to make the case to our IT department for AutoIT.

Please indicate your level of certainty, espcially for the case where I have disconnected because this is the real prize.

The application is Catia V5 from Dassault Sytemes if it makes any difference.

I look forward to your replies.



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If the script is running on the vista machine then it shouldnt matter if you are connected or not.

I am certain that you cannot get the answer you are looking for without testing it.

In some cases, the window must be active to accept input, not a problem for autoit, but even then some security popups will still resist automated input.

So it needs testing on one computer or another where you can invoke that particular popup.

Just convince the IT guys that there are many more benefits to having autoit installed.

And then convince your boss to make a donation ;)

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Hello All,

I'm the OP.

We found a mechanism by which our IT department agreed to use of AutoIT.

AutoIT meets all the needs I described above.

It continues to be effective when my Citrix session is disconnected.

It continues to be effective when the remote session is iconised on my desktop.

As an added bonus over Scriptit, AutoIT uses (nearly) 0% CPU where as Scriptit was using a whole core(?) at 100% (which shows up as 25% or 17%)

Yes I'll work on the donation.



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