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Not sure if this is an autoit or skype issue

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thanks so far to all the people who helpfully contributed to the threads where I was asking questions "How to do.. ?"

The last big question was the While 1 loop. That was resolved as far as looping and doing certain activities depending on the reported call status from Skype4COM API.

As reported, Skype emits a sound indicating the call failed, yet the script reports 'Call Finished' (normally). The test was done by interrupting the network connection by disconnecting the ethernet cable.

What do you think could be done to make the script better at detecting call failure?

Thank you.

don't think i'm a freeloader. your help has been effective! here's the script contributed - thank you creator and thank you members and thank you authors of autoit!Call Conference Dial-in Script updated from time to time.

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