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YouTubeTinyDownloader permissions

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If I run the youtubetinydownloader as an admin on a network, its fine, downloads and converts etc.

If a normal user runs it, it will get to the point of letting them download, then when they click the download button it will say

0/0KB - 0kb/s

and will hang there forever. I can't think what might be causing this, apart from perhaps the fact is uses @tempdir but i assumed standard users could write to there anyway.

has anyone else encountered this or know of a way around it?



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windows xp.

if i run as admin it is fine. as a normal domain user here it will run, pick up the clipboard, show the quality options, but when they click the download button it loads the progress bar at the bottom and just sits there, it never downloads anything.

if i run the program logged in as that user but use "runas" to run the program as an admin it works.

i think something in the script is trying to run but needs slightly more permission than is given. thats why i was thinking perhaps the @tempdir thing. off a domain i know it runs perfectly but i need to get it working on a domain for my users.

i'll try changing @tempdir to something like @mydocsdir where i know they can write to in case it is that

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i don't think it is the OS that is the problem. it is me being on a domain network. there will be a security setting somewhere which is restricting something to do with this program but i dont know what.

it seems able to read the URL and get the download links back fine, it is when you click the download button that it doesn't want to work

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what i have noticed is that i had to alter your original script as the isconnected bit always failed for a normal user, even though they were connected. as an admin this worked fine.

could this be linked? as it appears to be the same thing but failing at different points

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the only other thing i can think of is proxy. users are given a proxy to use, so perhaps when it comes to downloading it can't use the proxy? is there a way of getting around that with the software (manually setting a proxy it uses?)

I see the script uses InetGet to download pages, and InetGet automatically picks up on the proxy as it is used by Internet Explorer (since InetGet uses a subset of IE (or something)). If only IsConnected is giving you problems, you can you just change the function to always return 1.

Also, are you running the application from a network drive or something? That might give problems as well.

And for anyone else who is reading this thread and thought to search for YouTubeTinyDownloader but can't find it, it's called TinyYouTubeDownloader and can be found here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=115416&st=0&p=835020&#entry835020

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thanks for the info re: inetget. unfortunately it's not just the isconnected() part, as i had originally removed that so it went straight on to running the script.

my problem is detailed in the original post, in the fact that a standard user cannot download any files, but can run the program and get links to youtube vids themselves. as an admin they can run and download.

and it's been tested running from a network drive, usb drive, hard drive, everything

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