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Get a variable from command line to use in AutoIT script

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So I am knee deep in a script that I am writing and the last thing I need to get this to work is to be able to set a envvariable at the command line using comspec, and then have a function in AutoIT assign that EnvVariable to an AutoIT variable for later use. Here is the simplified version of what I want to happen.



send('set pc_name=foo{enter}')


$pcname = EnvGet("pc_name")

MsgBox(4096, "Path variable is:", $pcname)

Right now the message box is just blank.

In theory this should work, after I use the 'set pc_name=foo' command, I can check the pc's EnvVariables and sure enough pc_name=foo. However, for some reason EnvGet is not able to grab that EnvVariable. However it does work with other preset EnvVariables such as 'computername' etc.

any ideas?

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Hello allen00se,

Just a guess here, but wouldn't EnvSet('pc_name','foo') be more useful then send('set pc_name=foo{enter}').


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Hi, allen00se

It looks like env vars in the cmd window are local (not visible ouside that session)

- open 2 cmd windows

- in cmd window #1 do a 'set pc_name=foo'; then do a 'set' -> your env var is there

- in cmd window #2 do a 'set' -> it's not available



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