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Nevermind: _GUIRichEdit commands and \factoidname

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When I generate RTF data using any of the functions from the GUIRichEdit.au3 include, an input line of "Patient Name: SMITH, TROY" results in an output of nifty stuff like this:

\par Patient Name: SMITH, {\*\xmlopen\xmlns2{\factoidname place}}{\*\xmlopen\xmlns2{\factoidname City}}TROY{\*\xmlclose}{\*\xmlclose}

I'm guessing it wants to setup a link to enlighten me on the history of the ancient Greek city of Troy, or maybe show me a map of Troy, New York?

Anyone ran across this \factoidname stuff when using our RTF functions?

Shouldn't this option be off by default?

Edit: Dummy me. Pardon. This code is inserted only after the doc has been opened once in Word. It's an AutoCorrect option within Word that I needed to disable...

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If you should want to change that for a RichEdit, it would be an EM_SETEDITSTYLE message to set the style with SES_CTFALLOWSMARTTAG cleared.


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