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European Keyboard issue

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We have used autoit v3 to install our software on multiple machines. One of such machines is a french laptop. The same autoit script runs fine on all US and UK machines but not on the French machine. Does anybody know the reason why it is not working on this laptop? when we try to send the path C:\something to command prompt, it is sending C/\something. Should I take any special precautions for internationalized applications? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Avoid using Send() function at all. That function is evil.

Probably there isn't a thing that can't be done without it. I think it's made for idiots, but can't be sure.

Send() is something like that rotating machine gun from old westerns; you close your eyes, press button and hope not to kill yourself.

Anyway, rethink your strategy if Send() is what you rely on.




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