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StdoutRead does not work when using @ComSpec

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I am attempting to use the Windows XP utility schtasks.exe to list all scheduled tasks on a computer. I want to use the StdoutRead to get this info into my script without having to send the data to a CSV file then look through it later. The only way I have been able to get the schtasks.exe to work through Autoit is using

run(@ComSpec & " /k schtasks.exe /query /fo csv /nh /v", @TempDir)

I think the problem that the StdoutRead is having is that it's trying to read the output from the @ComSpec instead of the schtasks.exe. Is there any way to fix this?



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Is there any way to fix this?

Too little to go on, Brother.

I don't know whether to take the posted function call above as actually from your script, but I do note that there's no fourth parameter to tell Run that you want to capture STDOUT.

The /k switch to @COMSPEC tells it to keep the console running after the program that you're calling exits; when you use it it seems like the command shell doesn't output anything to STDOUT until the console window is closed. Probably not desired, so I'd use /c instead or just call the program directly in Run...

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