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Table Lookup

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I have limited experience with AutoIt, and fairly new at programming but I'm trying to use AutoIt to return a value from a lookup table. This would be similar to the VLOOKUP function from Excel.

I've tried working with a table in Access and using and Access.au3 UDF I found in the forum, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I can provide a table (.dbf, .mdb, .txt) with my lookup value and my return value in separate field in the same record. I just need to return the data from the second field after looking up the match value from the first field.


Cats Dogs

Potato Tomato

Fish Bird

Left Right

Yin Yang

If the lookup value is "Fish", I want to the value "Bird" returned.

Any suggestions?

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#include <Array.au3>
Local $arr[6][2] = [["Cats", "Dogs"],["Potato", "Tomato"],["Fish", "Bird"],["Left", "Right"],["Yin", "Yang"],["Black", "White"]]
$Key = InputBox("Choose:", "Type your Lookup key in here!", "Fish")
For $x = 0 To UBound($arr, 1) - 1
    If $arr[$x][0] = $Key Then
        MsgBox(0, $Key, "Equal = " & $arr[$x][1])
MsgBox(0, 'Sorry!', 'Nothing found!', 2)

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