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Can't catch a dinamic result in a page

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Hi everione!

To get the information that i want i have to fill a text box and then click the button. Apparently there's no problem, but the point is that the answer is showed dinamically on the page in a "div" that, before clicking the button was hide, and when i try to get the part of the page that i want with a _StringBetween function it doesn't works because doesn't find the new part of the HTML code that appears after the request.

The is the code that i'm trying to use. I tried to use the function _IELoadWait, but it seems there's no efect...

#include <IE.au3>
#Include <String.au3>

$tool="http://whatlanguageisthis.com/" ; tool to use

;Inicio Script

$WinHttpReq = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")   ;Realizamos la peticion HTTP
$HTML = $WinHttpReq.ResponseText                        ;Recuperamos el HTML de la web

$titulo = _StringBetween($HTML,"<title","</title>")
$header = _StringBetween($HTML,"<h1","</h1>")
ConsoleWrite("el texto sera este: " & $titulo[0] & " " & $header[0] & @CRLF)

$IE = _IECreate($tool)

$input = _IEGetObjById($IE,"input")
_IEDocInsertText($input,$titulo[0]& " " & $header[0])
$boton = _IEGetObjById($IE,"analyze")
_IELoadWait($IE,6000,6000) ; 

$result = _IEGetObjById($IE,"result")
$language_s = _StringBetween($result,"<span id=language>","</span>")

The page that i'm trying to deal with is "http://whatlanguageisthis.com/", that if you put some text in the text box and click in the button tells you what language the text belongs to. How can i get the name of the language that apears after processing the request??

It happens the same in other page i'm trying to get info, so i guess that the main question is how i can get info of a part of a HTML code that apears after a request is processed? because it seems that with comands like _IEDocReadHTML or _IEBodyReadHTML doesn't works.

I would appreciate a lot your help!!!

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!


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