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I'm trying to use _AutoItObject_DllOpen() but I get the aforementioned error. Here is a short section of code that should highlight what I'm trying to do. I don't think I'm making any syntax errors. Does anyone see the error?

Here is the MSDN entry for the function:

HDEVNOTIFY WINAPI RegisterDeviceNotification(

__in HANDLE hRecipient,

__in LPVOID NotificationFilter,

__in DWORD Flags


;this gives me this error: Conversion of parameters failed.

#include "AutoItObject.au3"


Global $oUser32 = _AutoItObject_DllOpen("User32.dll", "RegisterDeviceNotificationW handle(handle;ptr;dword);")

;this didn't work:
;Global $oUser32 = _AutoItObject_DllOpen("User32.dll", "RegisterDeviceNotificationW hdevnotify(handle;lpvoid;dword);")

Global $RDNHandle = $oUser32.RegisterDeviceNotificationW($hRecipient, $pNotificationFilter, $Flags)

;this gives me the error message: "bound to unknown type"


Global $oUser32 = _AutoItObject_DllOpen("User32.dll")

Global $RDNHandle = $oUser32.RegisterDeviceNotificationW("handle", "handle", $hRecipient, "ptr", $pNotificationFilter, "dword", $Flags)

Edit** Can I use $oUser32 from within a function?

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It's related to pointer data type that AutoIt can't chew. That's being reported bug. Just use Number() on pointers, handles, etc...

Oh right! I forgot all about using number. Thanks once again trancexx, you jewel.

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