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How to make scite run 32bit by default?

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I am currently on x64 vista and whenever i run script opened with Scite it runs it as 64bit app which gives me some compatability issues, how can i make it run as x86?

Btw i already tried scite config but there is no option for this or i am blind :x

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As far as I know there is only a 32-bit version available for SciTE!

But if you mean to start an au3 code as 32-bit only from SciTE you have to change some registry keys (AutoIt3_x64.exe -> AutoIt3.exe).

The fastest way is probably to reinstall AutoIt and answering no to "You are running a 64-bit OS. Use native x64 tools where possible?"

You can also use the switch #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=n in you codes but full version of SciTE must be installed!



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UEZ is right, answer no to x64 tools or set it manually in every script.

Note that the tools question just inverts things, you will then do #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=y to run x64 code.

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