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is computer ready for work...?

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Only thing that I have found is - harddrive light indicator turns off and mouse changing from hour glass to arrow

you might take a look at this function MouseGetCursor - it might be used in a startup script that runs and lets you know once the mouse has stopped waiting?

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Here's a STARTUP ORDER FOR WINDOWS NT4/2000/XP. Seems like programs in "Startup Folder" are started the last. I now just assume (test it yourself :x ) that a program (e.g. your AutoIt-Script) started as something like ZZZ.exe in the "Startup Folder" (AutoIt macro @StartupDir, maybe use this with FileCreateShortcut() to place just a shortcut ZZZ there) would be the very last program to autostart.

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This thread is giving me an idea for a script to help my GF (although it may piss her off...

Her pc takes a bit to load, however, as soon as her taskbar shows up, she attempts to open IE to browse the web. This causes IE to stop responding and in the meantime, she has clicked IE a few more times. Needless to say, it ends up causing the pc to finish booting and "catch" up to all the events a lot longer than it should.

Using the ideas here, I could easily write a script to block input until it's done loading :x



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I thought about it and I guess the best would be to combine my approach with LarryDalooza's one, as some programs might have a real long startup time. E.g. Lotus Notes has a hell of a long startup time, so even if it would be started from the StartUp Folder before our custom ZZZ.exe timer, it would not have finished loading by the time ZZZ.exe is called :x.

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