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UPX and dlls?

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Now I am in no way a guru or anything so sorry if I sound stupid... :x

But since AutoIt utilizes upx for its executable packing wouldn't it be possible to write dll's using AutoIt?

Now I realize that this would be alot harder then just swaping out some code, but I would like to start looking into this as I kinda like the idea. I learned to make dll's in c++ just so I could incorporate them into my AutoIt and I think this would be an awesome project to start. Hopefully someone with some more knowledge will be willing to fill in my missing information.

Once again sorry if this is like an idoitic post or somthing but I am feeling rather curious as to wether or not other people have looked into this.

EDIT: This is why people shouldn't stay up late... I actualy thought about it and did my research, turns out I was wayyyy of my mark. I apoligize for sounding like an idoit.

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