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Getting the HTML of a page

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Hello guys, I am having a little problem in this code and hope someone could help me:

$HTML = _IEDocReadHTML ($ie)
$end = _StringBetween($HTML,"</h1><p>","</p><ul")

This is the relevant part of the script, the rest of it is ie creating and ie navigating stuff.

I want to get the string between the substrings "</h1><p>" and "</p><ul" from the HTML of a page. There is only one occurrence of each of these substrings inside the HTML code, yet it does not work, the value of $end is 0.

The interesting part is that this line works(same HTML)

$title = stringBetween($HTML,"<title>","</title>")

Anyone know what could be causing this? :x

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did you write your own stringinbetween function or is this a typo?

from line = $title = stringBetween($HTML,"<title>","</title>")


EDIT (spelling)

make that stringbetween

also, _stringbetween returns an array, see doc

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I made some mess here, let me explain. I created my own stringBetween function since I wasn't able to make _StringBetween work. When I use my function to find the string betwteen the title tags of a page it works.

Now, thanks to you guys, I learned how to use _StringBetween (I can get the string between the title tags, for example)

But when I try to use any of these 2 functions to get the string between "</h1><p>","</p><ul" it fails (nothing is stored on the variable)

I wasn't able to figure out what could be causing this... The 2 substrings are there and it works for one case, why not for the other? o.O

EDIT: Ok guys, I think I got it. The HTML returned by _IEdocReadHTML is modified, that's the problem, the substrings are there on the original html, but not on the modified one.

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