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Here is a dll and autoit functions for hashing strings and files using Sha-1.

Func _Sha1($string)
    $result = DllCall("au3sha1.dll", "str", "HashString", "str", $string) 
    return $result[0]

Func _Sha1File($file)
    $result = DllCall("au3sha1.dll", "str", "HashFile", "str", $file)
    if $result = 0 Then
    return $result[0]

Original code in C++ from Dominik Reichl at code project. Changed to a dll for usage of AutoIt by gammasts and ZeqMacaw.

Let me know if you want the dll source code.

Edit: Added the error for the file to it. It will return error 1 if the file is not found.

Have fun hashing.



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No worries, I found a C++ implementation of the SHA1 algorithm and slotted it (like it was that easy!) into my current favourite hashing dll (md5.dll from JSThePatriot) which works as an AutoIt plugin (no dllcall) ...


I'm still curious to see it (I'm just starting with C, so all working examples are useful) but if you don't find it, it's no biggie.


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