Hi everyone... Can someone help me to finish my script? I'm truing to join few small pictures to one big picture with GDIPlus functions... Is it possible ? or maybe other ways to do this ? I started to write script, but can't finish it Eny Ideas ? #include <GuiConstantsEx.au3> #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include <ScreenCapture.au3> ;Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1) Global $search,$file,$bitnik,$hClone $search = FileFindFirstFile("*.bmp") If $search = -1 Then Exit _GDIPlus_Startup () While 1 $file = FileFindNextFile($search) If @error Then ExitLoop MsgBox(4096, "File:", $file) $hImage = _GDIPlus_ImageLoadFromFile ($file) $iX = _GDIPlus_ImageGetWidth ($hImage) $iY = _GDIPlus_ImageGetHeight ($hImage) $hClone = _GDIPlus_BitmapCloneArea ($hImage, 0, 0, $iX, $iY, $GDIP_PXF24RGB) WEnd FileClose($search) _GDIPlus_ImageSaveToFile ($hClone, @ScriptDir&"\ready.bmp") _GDIPlus_BitmapDispose($hImage) _GDIPlus_ShutDown ()