For example, I want to script a bot that presses the refresh button (JUST FOR EXAMPLE) but to do that, I need the bot to recognise the refresh button , and mousemove to it, and then mouseclick it , something like $refreshbutton=pixelsearch (0,0,1024,768,"graycolor") ; to lazy to search the refresh color just for this script $refreshbutton2=pixelsearch (0,0,1024,768,"graycolor2") ;then something to make it click in between them, I don't know how though, could you help me out? I have read all the help files that weare about "pixels" , could not find how to do it, please help me Thanks. EDIT: just making it more clear, there is an icon with 4 colors in it, sized 4x4 cm (example) , I want something to check if there is a 4x4 square in your screen having 4 color's, and click in the middle of it