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Can I do it with AutoIt?

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Recently, I've written a few Perl scripts for GUI Automation, using Win32::GuiTest, for filling listviews,

edit controls, sending messages and notifications, controling tabs, etc.

Right now, I want to write a script for an application that contains items like:

FlatTabCtrl ToolbarWindow32 ATL SysHeader32 WTL_MDICommandBar etc

Would it be possible to develop a script in AutoIt, that will work with the application being minimized,

and without losing focus(allowing me to use the PC for other things while de script is running), and that

simulates menu clicks for ToolbarWindow32, WTL_MDICommandBar, SysHeader32 and FlatTabCtrl resources?

Also, would it be possible to select subitems from ATL's(I don't know anything about these items,

but they look like listviews) and apply a set of rules on them(eg. right click notification on them and

left click notification on menu item X )?

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