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Detecting computer lock and cancelling

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Hey all,

I have a script I need to detect when the user attempts to lock the computer (Win+L) and then cancel the lock if possible.

At the moment I can detect when the computer is locked but I can't find a way to stop the computer being locked.

Is that even possible to do? :)

Thanks in advance.

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The easiest solution is to remove/disable the keyboard (and potentially the mouse for OSK or Start Menu Locking) from the computer.

A working software solution is to create a device driver for the keyboard (and potentially the mouse) or replace the GINA.

With AutoIT you can detect the keystrokes in time to do something, but I do not believe there is anything that you can do to stop the lock process. In other words, you probably cannot intercept the keystrokes without a filter driver or some solution like that.

Would disabling the Windows keys be a solution for you? Of course you may still have to block command line locking to be safe.

FYI, while your intentions may be legitimate and may peak the curiosity of some of the advanced programmers (not scriptwriters) here, I fear that most will proceed cautiously (if at all) because of the potentially malicious uses for such a solution.

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