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Lotus Notes via RDP

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Hi all,

Can anyone explain or suggest a fix for the following...

XP32 SP4 PC running a Lotus Notes app. This PC talks to a Linux server and has a Novell windows client.

We have an exe running compiled AutiIT3 scripts that open the Notes app, create records, add data, and close the app. This XP PC sits in a server room on a KLM switch. We have access to it via 2 hop RDP connection (UK to Paris to UK). If we have the RDP connection open and watch our app, it works flawlessly. If we do not have the RDP connection, the scripts usually seem to fail when they first have to enter any keyboard data.

We asked the user to remove the KLM switch and it makes no difference.

Anyone else working through a Novell windows client? or on Lotus Notes (8.0)??? Switching keyboards between UK and French? Is it just attention-seeking? Any ideas?

TIA Dave Francis

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