G'day All I see another "how do I fix these virus detection problems?" thread. I'm lucky as all of the scripts I've put out there go into or under a directory that I set up an exception for. For those that send scripts out to computers they have no control over can I suggest the following steps. 1. Submit your EXE to http://www.virustotal.com 2. Add a comment that it's safe maybe add a link to your site. 3. Extract the programs that have falsly identiifed your program. 4. Find how to present your program to those sites. 5. Present your program to those sites as a false positive. 6. Wait for a reply that it has been fixed. 6.5 Reanalyse with virustotal to see if it has been fixed. (if not got back to step 3) 7. Release your program to the world. Looks farly straight forward to me and "very scriptable" Maybe someone has done it already or partly done it and someone else can add to the work. At this point in time it seems like a usefull program to keep the AV companies honest! You never knwo if enough submit their "false positives" they might get their act together as far a AutoIT is concerned. Good Luck!