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Ctrl, Shift, Alt getting "stuck" down with Send()

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I have seen this problem documented before* and am aware of the _SendEx workaround.

As far as I understand the problem occurs when ctrl, shift or alt are held down when Send() is called and if the key is released before the send function finishes, then that key will get "stuck" down, and will require a physical key press to release it.

My question is regarding SendKeyDownDelay

Opt("SendKeyDownDelay",...) alters the length of time a key is held down before being released during a keystroke.

What is the default value of SendKeyDownDelay? can it be set to 0? If it were set to 0 (or it's lowest bound) would this not reduce the likelihood of the above problem occuring to almost nothing? (ie, if the delay is 0, then the chances of me physically releasing the ctrl key while send() works should be virtually impossible)

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

*for anyone unfamiliar with the problem the following threads describe it in more detail and contain information about _SendEx

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