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Clicking Hidden Text

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Ok, so my question is dealing with being able to click on hidden text. i have a program that AutoIt can not "see within" to find the correct things to click on but it can see the text that i can use to by-pass the situation. The problem i am having is that the program will click on some of the things i want and not the others. There are about 12 Tabs i am trying to click on, i can get it to work for 10 of them but for some reason two of them arn't working the only difference that i can see is that these 2 tab contain numbers in them. does anyone know anything i might be able to try?

Names of tabs copied from hidden Text window finder:

Bold Ones Not Working, rest are

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

1st Level Safety

2nd Level Safety

Charge Control

SBS Configuration

System Data



Gas Gauging

Ra Table

PF Status


Script is just a basic controlclick("","","HiddenText")

i have tried all of the OPT variations i can see usable such as



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