UDF Deprecated - 23 Dec 2013 As since the release of v3.3.10.0 the basis of this UDF is now included in the standard AutoIt UDFs as _FileListToArrayRec in File.au3, support will end in this thread and any future bug reports or feature requests should be made via Trac. Note that there are a couple of major changes in the new function compared to this UDF: - You must place the Include|Exclude|Exclude_Folder masks in the single $sMask parameter, delimited by "|". The old syntax with the "exclude" masks at the end of the parameter list will no longer work, unlike this UDF. - The values returned in @extended in the event of an error have been reordered to reflect the above - so you might need to amend your errorchecking. But note that "no files found" still returns 9 in @extended - I am not that cruel! - The sort algorithm has been changed from QuickSort to DualPivot, which is significantly faster for large arrays. I hope you appreciate the faster return times. This zip remians available for those who do not wish to update immediately: RFLTA.zip M23