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How to get all data from clipboard?

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I know that data in clipboard exists in several formats ($CF_TEXT, $CF_OEMTEXT, etc). Sometimes we have 4 formats, sometimes 8 or more. We can retrieve data in specified format to variable using _ClipBoard_GetData(). But can you tell me, is it possible to get "snapshot" of ALL clipboard data (in any existing format) to 2-dimentional array?

Later I wish to "fill" empty clipboard with the data from this 2-d array.

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And the second question: what the differrence beetwen _ClipBoard_GetData and _ClipBoard_GetDataEx?

Text for text based formats or Binary data for all other formats, +If you need a finer degree of control over retrieving data from the clipboard, you may want to use the _ClipBoard_GetDataEx function.

Handle to a clipboard object in the specified format

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