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Simple Auto Clicking

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Good evening!

I presume that the following question may seem simple to most of you, for I am new to AutoIt and am but an unexperienced explorer of its features, but I also hope to receive some help.

The first code I ever wrote in AutoIt was something like this:

Global $1 = 0
Func a()
    If $1 = 0 Then
        $1 = 1
        $1 = 0
While 1
    If $1 = 1 Then

It worked as a simple "auto clicker" for me, activated and deactivated by the button F7. However, now I am trying to make it activate by clicking my right mouse button. So that by clicking the right button once, the script must continue to right-click until stopped in the same manner.

The problem is that am unable to bind any of my mouse-buttons to the function "a", like I did with F7 in the attached code. Is it at all possible to use mouse-buttons as "HotKeys"?

Thanks for any coming answers!

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Well, you could START the program by doing something like this:

While 1
    $Start = _IsPressed(02)
    If $Start = 1 Then a()

But that's going to eat resources and you can't stop it by a right click, because otherwise your script would ALWAYS run only once. Because the AutoIt right click would cancel the script as well.


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