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Simple Install Script?

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Completely new to AutoIT, which is likely evident by the nature of this post. Basically what I am wanting to do is to remotely install the Adobe Reader program remotely on a network. Essentially when I try to execute this it starts, but seems to hang and do nothing. Not sure if it makes any difference, but I will need to execute this on both Windows 7 and XP machines.

Below is the code I am using. Any ideas? I'm thinking\hoping it is a rookie mistake.

Thanks in advance.

; Variables

Local $sUsername = "user"

Local $sPassword = "password"

Local $sDomain = "domain"

Local $sShare = "\\path\to\file\file.exe"

;Run Program as Another User

RunAs($sUsername, $sDomain, $sPassword, 0, $sShare ,@TempDir)

WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader X (10.0.1) - Setup", "&Install")


WinWaitActive("Adobe Reader X (10.0.1) - Setup", "&Finish")


;Show a message

MsgBox(0, "", "Completed")

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Try incorporating this into your Run String...worked for me installing in the past, and you don't have to wait for windows, and it eliminates having to use the send keys. :)

RunWait($FilePath & ' /sPB')
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