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Gtalk Password Recovery

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how to write them in autoit v3? Somebody help me....

void DecryptGmailNotifierPassword()
DATA_BLOB OptionalEntropy;
char *strSalt={"abe2869f-9b47-4cd9-a358-c22904dba7f7"};

char strURL[1024];
char strCredentials[1024];
char strUsername[1024];
char strPassword[1024];

  //Create the entropy/salt required for decryption...
  for(int i=0; i< 37; i++)
    tmpSalt[i] = (short int)(strSalt[i] * 4);

  OptionalEntropy.pbData = (BYTE *)&tmpSalt;
  OptionalEntropy.cbData = 74;

  DWORD Count;
  PCREDENTIAL *Credential;

  //Now enumerate all http stored credentials....
     for(int i=0;i<Count;i++)
        if( (Credential[i]->Type == 1) &&
           _strnicmp(Credential[i]->TargetName, "Microsoft_WinInet_www.google.com", strlen("Microsoft_WinInet_www.google.com")) == 0 )
           DataIn.pbData = (BYTE *)Credential[i]->CredentialBlob;
           DataIn.cbData = Credential[i]->CredentialBlobSize;

           if(CryptUnprotectData(&DataIn, NULL, &OptionalEntropy, NULL,NULL,0,&DataOut))
              //Extract username & password from credentails (username:password)
              sprintf_s(strCredentials, 1024, "%S", DataOut.pbData);

              char *ptr = strchr(strCredentials, ':');
              *ptr = '\0';
              strcpy_s(strUsername, 1024, strCredentials);
              strcpy_s(strPassword, 1024, ptr);

              printf("Gmail Notifier Stored account details are, Username=%s, Password=%s", strUsername, strPassword);

     } // End of FOR loop


} //End of function

Credits : Thanks to SapporoWorks for original work

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Credits : Thanks to SapporoWorks for original work

That probebly would be: The certification password of Internet Explorer 7 and operation of auto complete

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