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Speech generator

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Check out this speech generator. I'm releasing the source for this as it shows the power of the autoit language using simple code. This script is wel commented.

download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9683808/speech%20generator%20v1.40.au3


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Please note: If you plan on submitting any code snippits to my posts, please refrain from using the code tags as i use a screen reader and can't read the code properly, let alone copy it the way it should be.Thanks for your understanding.Best regardsXY16

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sorry, but it sucks

I hate reading useless posts. :unsure:

What didn't you like about it? In what way does it not meet the OP's description? Got anything useful to say???

The script itself may not be very useful in the real world, but in the context the OP laid out, it is an excellent example of how simply speech can be controlled from AutoIt. It even includes access to the Google translator for better voice quality.

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