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Problem with paths in debugger

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I newbie in AutoIt. I try to install AutoIt debugger. I have compiled AutoIt3Wrapper.

Path to release include folder is "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include", I have WindowsXP, try to change to "Program Files" but if run this path is again. Desperated, I create "Program Files (x86)" and copy Include but when I run debug appear error: in line 14 in GUIConstantsEx.au3 is redeclared constant $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE - debugger use two Include folders.

If I rename original Include folder, appear error: In line 1 BTConvert.Debug.Script.au3 (BTConvert is a program which as try debug) error opening file #Include <winapi.au3>

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Re-install AutoIt and SciTE4AutoIt3 perhaps.

... And if you did rename or otherwise mess around with the "Program Files" and/or "Program Files (86)" folders ... Don't!.

Tip: Write down you problem in your own language ... AND include it (alongside your best English) inside a SPOILER tag.

This being that/a SPOILER of course.

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