Few years ago Microsoft introduced new UI feature that they named Ribbon. With the release of Windows 7 they added it as standard system feature. Windows Ribbon framework. You could say it's a new technology waiting to be fully embraced. Considering AutoIt is currently in some shitty stage Ribbons are not expected to be supported natively. Which is actually good thing because otherwise some developer could have GUICtrlCreateRibbon idiotic idea. Ribbons are beautiful things. In order to work with them you have to master objects. It's COM based technology. Some people will stop reading now, but really their shame. Anyway, this example is based on work by Mr. Michael Chourdakis. Guy really took deeper dive to ribbon thematic and made few very interesting articles. All is available on internet naturally, just google Michael Chourdakis Ribbon or something like that. So, the main thing to do is create so called Ribbon Framework Object. After that you have to initialize event handlers (two callback objects made with ObjectFromTag function) and load your Ribbon. Ribbon is loaded from resource, either one of your app or some other. I have compiled resource dll for this example so that scripts could be run non-compiled and still use ribbon command bar. Example shown here is not completely dummy, it uses all of the ribbon controls. Only it doesn't do anything smart besides that. ZIP: Ribbon.zip Inside the zip there is folder called Ribbon with two files RibbonExample_NEW.au3 and RibRes.dll. Extract that folder somewhere, run RibbonExample_NEW.au3 and enjoy the Ribbon beauty. There are few comments inline for easier comprehension of the overall script code. Thanks Andreik for asking for more.