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PixelGetColor returns desktop color below the program window

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I'm trying to read the color of a pixel in a program window,

to start with I used the 'AutoIt Window Info':

With 'magnify' selected I used the 'finder tool' and pointed the

cursor over the window where I was trying to find the color.

However the magnification was reading though the window and

showing the color of the desktop directly below the window

as if the window was not there.

I can't work out why this would happen, it doesn't happen for

any other programs, and doesn't happen on my second computer.

My guess is it is something to do with autoit not having the

same privileges as the program it is trying to read the

pixel color from, however both programs are running as admin.

If anybody knows why this would happen I would appreciate

some help. Thanks

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i donĀ“t know why... be more informative.. what program? your or not your program?

about privilegies... :S maybe but no shure #requireadmin at the top of the script....

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Did you find a solution for your problem, i got the same exact problem on Windows XP SP 3 ?

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