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Unable to select the content from Combobox

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Hi All,

I am using Autoit to integrate with the system created in VB. In that I am not able to select perticular option from the combobox. The contents of the combobox are hidden. I used AutoSetOption() to get the hidden contents but it doesn't return ComoboBox contents. I tried using some functions like ControlCommand, ControlListView,ControlTreeView with SelectString,Select, ShowDropDown, Expand etc. options but unsuccessful.

Even I tried to get index using GetSelected option but that is also not working.

Please let me know if anyone has done anything related to this and has got the solution.

Thanks in advance,


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GUICtrlRead() may help but without seeing you code it is hard to help you properly.

Look in the help file to get more information about GUICtrlRead()

E.g. GUICtrlRead($hCombo) will read the current selection from your combobox when $hCombo is the variable where the control id is saved to.



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