I'm having trouble reading the Applications and Services event logs in Vista and Windows 7 I referenced this thread: and got nowhere too. I found I can easily copy the event log then open and process the copied file, eg: #Include <array.au3> #Include <eventlog.au3> $objEventLog = _EventLog__OpenBackup("", @ScriptDir & "\Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client%4Admin.evtx") $varEventsTotal = _EventLog__Count($objEventLog) ConsoleWrite($varEventsTotal & @CRLF) for $i = 0 to $varEventsTotal - 1 $arrEvt = _EventLog__Read($objEventLog, True, False) _ArrayDisplay($arrEvt) Next However, [13] - Event description is always corrupted or in another encoding, here's the result: [0]|True [1]|117 [2]|04/18/2011 [3]|09:12:04 AM [4]|04/18/2011 [5]|09:12:04 AM [6]|1001 [7]|1 [8]|Error [9]|3 [10]|Microsoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client [11]|icrosoft-Windows-Dhcp-Client [12]|NT AUTHORITY [13]|6 㠀  ㈀㜀  㤀㠀䄀㐀 [14]| This is the case for all files opened with _EventLog__OpenBackup Does anyone have any suggestions how to programmatically read the text in array[13] ? Thanks