First of all, while reading through this post you will find yourself in a moment where you think this is GAME AUTOMATION, at that moment don't stop reading, you will see it isn't. Hey guys, I play a game called EuroGunz and I have a clan on it. In that clan are 10-20 friends of me which do clanwars versus other clans. Now, I want to keep my clan organised , so I thought of this idea. I actually want to know which clanmembers win alot, and wich ones lose alot. To see that there is this site : Now I want to create a script that tells me which members I should kick and which I should keep or promote. There are 2 ways to do that: Basic way The way that would need a simple script would be writing a script that opens the clanwar page, refreshes it every 1 minute , then search for my clan name (Frazion) and copy the 2 following lines, then save it at a document where I can read through and kick people that lose alot. Advanced way Something that would need a lot of knowledge of autoIT, wich I don't have, I have few to none , is this way. Also, opening the clanwar page, refreshing it every 1 minute , searching for my clan name and copy the following 2 lines IF the same exact line (with date etc) hasn't been copied before. Then, saving it all in a file and have an other script scanning that file and creating a new text document for every player and does it like this : crummy -------- Jun 12 2011 06:46:07:090PM Frazion Crummy Darksmoke enemy1 enemy2 enemyclan 4 / 1 Jun 13 2011 06:46:07:090PM Frazion Crummy LOLOLOLOL enemy1 enemy2 enemyclan 4 / 3 Jun 14 2011 06:46:07:090PM Frazion Crummy Accure enemy1 enemy2 enemyclan 4 / 2 First off with the basic version , at which functions should I look?