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Sorry for that. I didnt know you want to use these function. I sadly don't know if you can use sprintf with data type I used. I dont know how to help you with these 2 C functions. sorry


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I would think it's best to take a buffer pointer and size as parameters, then set the string in there. Otherwise, if your C++ function allocates memory (properly - using a heap, global, or virtual allocation), who's going to free that memory? I'm not sure how AutoIt handles 'str' returns, but I don't know how it would know of the type of memory allocation used, and if it would actually free it. I'd gather it doesn't free it, which leaves you with a memory leak.

Anyway, if you take a buffer pointer and size, you can determine if the size is too small, and return a 'size_invalid' return, with a proper size placed in the size parameter. That means you need to take the size variable as a reference, so that it can be passed through AutoIt using 'dword*' or some equivalent.

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