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Dual monitor troubles

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In Windows 7 you can extend desktop by pressing WIN+P.

When i drag chrome window on 2nd desktop and start my script it maximize chrome window but on monitor 1.

If i maximize window myself and start script it still move window on monitor 1.

Can you see what i am doing wrong ?

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Win+P is projector controls.

and you got it to extended. So do i.

Now you wanna maximize chrome on your 2nd screen, but the script does it on the 1st?

can you show us your code ?

[font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]Hobby graphics artist, using gimp.Automating pc stuff, using AutoIt.Listening to music, using Grooveshark.[/font]Scripts:[spoiler]Simple ScreenshotSaves you alot of trouble when taking a screenshot!Don't remember what happened with this, but aperantly the exe is all i got.If you don't want to run it, simply don't._IsRun UDFIt figures out if the script has ben ran before based on the info in a ini file.If you don't want to use exactly what i wrote, you can use it as inspiration.[/spoiler]

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