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AutoIt compiled module is crashing with I/O error status 0xc000026e

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I have AutoIt compiled modules I am running in Windows PE environment for my Windows 7 deployment. My modules spawn multiple modules (4 deep) and for some reason after completing the USMT transfer over the network two of my modules consistently crash when one is exiting and the other is continuing (RunWait).

This is the error I am seeing, but I cannot find any reason for this in my code:

The instruction at 0x00459966 referenced memory at 0x00459966. The required data was not placed into memory because an I/O error status 0xc000026e.

Any one know how to debug AutoIt.exe compiled module to determine what the conflict is between my two AutoIt modules?

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option 1: Add some "log to file" debug feature/function to your code.

- separate output-file per module/process.

- include a timestamp in the debug-out line. (to order up the actions in the different modules, if needed.)

- start by confirming the general location/function where the code bugs-out.

- than switch to specifically log the used data and action-return data in the effected part.

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