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Guest TDBui

Ok, the question is really basic....I have a box that popup and ask for the user name and password. How do I set focus on each box and enter my username and password.


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What you basically need is the Title of the box, that is easy to get with the included tool, AU3_Spy.exe

It will show you what the Title is called. The line under:

>>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title )<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Next you can have the script wait until this box apears, like this:


the next line you should have it place in your name and password.



Most times, you type your name, then tab, then your password, then enter, and so I did it here.

You can get more professional with ControlSetText ( "WindowTitle", "", "classnameNN", "myname" ) and such, but then you will need to mark down the classnameNN, this is found under this part with AutoItSpy:

>>>>>>>>( Last Control Under Mouse )<<<<<<<

This way is more reliable, and recomended when it can be used, however it is an advanced technique, and you will need to send your name, password, and use a control click to the right button.

edit.. note, if you are doing this in some programs, (like explorer,) you will may need to have the mouse click on a set of coordinates. My use of Tab works for many programs, but not all forms use tab, or you may have to use more than one tab.

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One addendum to scriptkitty's post:

Opt("SendKeyDelay",1) ;1 speeds things up


send("myname", 1") ;raw


send("mypassword", 1) ;raw


The '1' flag in the Send means to send the raw keystrokes. If your password contains any of '!#+^{}' then you should use this mode.

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