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_arraydelete() is changing elements?

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I'm trying to make a function that scrambles a string (puts its characters in random order).

But for some reason, my function will change the contents of the string, resulting in extra copies of the same character in my output string. Here's my test code:

#include <misc.au3>
#include <array.au3>

msgbox(0,"",$newWord&" "&$word)

func scramble($str)
    local $temp=$str
    dim $newArray[1]
    for $c=0 to $tMax-1
    return $newStr

Why is it adding duplicate characters?

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Don't know. But your code seems to trigger a _arrayadd() error on its last For-Next loop. Might be related.

;; add following debug #directive to top of your code.
;; error result.
;; LINE: 1-0:         _arrayadd($newArray,$tempArray[$select])


Oops ... to late.

(argg, I always forget its the line above the one that displays the error. :) )

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