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Instant/RunTime preview of text file

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I need a window/field/object which gives me a possibility to see what I have in the given text file (it must be run-time, if sth. changes in the file I see it in my window). I have problem also with a button which gives me a possibility to change a file I think about a window which we have in every program in Windows eg. in Notepad after clicking on File and then on Open or faster CTRL + O. In my application I need to change a file that is why I need this feature. I am interested in also one feature, if I solve a problem a field/window which gives me a list of files from given directory I need a following feature, after invading on a listened file appear a small window with a content of this txt file, is it possible ? (this file will have about 300 digits I mean not a lot)

Thank you for hints/ functions/ help !

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