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Is There A Way To Close All Open Windows?

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Not tested, but might work. It should keep activating and closing windows until none is left.

Send("!Tab");Alt+Tab switches to the next active window

While Not WinActive("Program Manager");Program Manager is the Desktop
   WinKill("");kills the active window
   WinClose("");Because WinKill might not work on Explorer windows
   sleep(100) ;pause a few milliseconds

Hmm, looking at my post count, this post is potentially :whistle:

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The reason why is I want to write a script that automates some tasks for myself on the internet and depending on my connection speed it might fail. If it fails I would like the ability to close all the windows on the desktop and start over fresh.

Thanks for all the great responses!

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do you want to kill internet explorer windows specifically?

you could use ProcessClose("iexplore.exe")

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