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2 For Next Loops

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hi everyone,

For $j = 1 To $Search[0][0]
    For $i = $LastEOF + 1 To $aRecords[0] Step 1
        $aParts = StringSplit($aRecords[$i], @TAB)
        If IsArray($aParts) And (UBound($aParts) >= 5) And ($aParts[2] = $Search[$j][1]) Then
            If Not _FileReadToArray($Temp, $aTemp) Then
                MsgBox(4096, "Error", "Error reading templog to Array error: " & @error)
            If (_ArraySearch($aTemp, $aParts[3] & @TAB & $aParts[4]) = -1) Then
                FileWriteLine($Temp, $aParts[3] & @TAB & $aParts[4])
                ;Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & $Paging, "", @SW_HIDE)
                MsgBox(0, "", $aParts[3] & @TAB & $aParts[4])

i have 2 For loops. it is not working though.

i guess u can't a for loop inside another for loop...

can someone please help me out here?


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Ofc you can, try it on simpler example and youl see itl work,

For $x = 1 To 10
    For $y = 1 To 10
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