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Permanent block. This PM speaks for itself.

It's kind of funny getting on the internet, because you start to realize there is no law and forum moderators can be complete faggots without any regard for respect. Feel free to extend my ban, if I feel the need I'll just reset my router, make a new account, and pretend to be someone else. I didn't break any rules, him INSINUATING I was breaking the rules was rude. Him being a "4+ years veteran" on the forums should give him enough experience to have asked what the script was for like other people did. He was in another thread where I had another issue with the same bot where I EXPLAINED IN DETAIL what it did, and then jumped to my other thread with a RUDE and IGNORANT statement. You're a fucking cocky son of a bitch, I love how "most" people with decent coding experience are fucking elitist pricks. I got this far on my own without any help, monoscout helped me with the small problem I did have, you sir can fuck off. I'm sure you'll be helping me later under another screen name <3

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