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Clicking on a control which changes its control id

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In deep freeze the controlid's are changing for all the controls present in it. So how shall i click on a particular control without using control id's.

mouseclick fn cant help if the resolution is changed, so cant even use it. so how can i use controlclick in the above mentioned case.

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Another thing you can do is use relative positions. Basically before you do a mouse click find out how big the window is and where it is at. Than click based on a percentage of that value (or hard coded if you know specific values for the width or height).


$windowdimension = WinGetPos()
$winxposition = $windowdimension[0]
$winyposition = $windowdimension[1]
$winwidth = $windowdimension[2]
$winheight = $windowdimension[3]

MouseClick("left",$winxposition + .774 * $winwidth, $winyposition + .555 * $winheight)

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