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Check if all variable have differente contenent

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Hi to all, i have a new request to autoit guru :mellow:

For example i have 6 variable, this variable contains string. Now i have to check if ALL all variables different from each other. It's very annoying to do that with a huge IF THEN, even if the variable are much more tha 6. There is a simple way to do this?


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Drop your variable(s) data into a array and use that array in a scanning loop.

Something* like this should do the trick. (*Process)

$fFailed = False
For $iSearchFor = $iFirst To $iLast-1
For $iCompare = $iSearchFor+1 To $iLast
  if $aArray[$iSearchFor] == $aArray[$iCompare] then $fFailed = True
  ;; '==' is string enforced + case sensitive compare.
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