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Issue with replacing characters between column and row data:

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Have you tried his site and used the radio button for "See how it works" or however it is titled? It can take a VERY long time to create the grid when you're watching it work, which leads me to believe that it might be creating random grids behind the scenes and only displaying the completed ones.

I have elaborated on this idea to create a fully functioning password creator using Latin Squares. I have noticed a flaw in using them though, if there are repeated letters in the input string, the result is a little confusing. Although if you follow the logic of the script (which I will post later when I'm at the computer it's stored on), you can see how it is getting the output that it generates for the password. At least it's consistently getting the same password every time, so the logic isn't at fault, just my implementation of it. :mellow:

Yeah steve gibson covered this on one of the sections where he talks about extra precautions. One of them is skip over duplicate letters. I have made a program or two to make use of these latin squares but I decided to can them until I could make a generator, then I will me making a program again to use the grids to generate passwords. Edited by Morthawt
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