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Make button within button.. =O?

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Ok, I have another problem

Func button1()
msgbox(32, "About", "Created by mee")
Func button2()
GUICtrlSetState($button2, $GUI_HIDE)
GUICtrlSetState($button3, $GUI_HIDE)
GUICtrlSetState($label1, $GUI_HIDE)
$label2=GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Select a task",169,9,100,30)
$button99=GuiCtrlCreateButton("Go back",10,6,50,20)
Func button99()
GUICtrlSetState($label99, $GUI_HIDE)
GUICtrlSetState($label2, $GUI_HIDE)
Func button3()

How can I now make button99 do something?

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What do you mean with "do something..."? post the entire code please and provide more context, becuase i can not understand you.

So I created a button named button99

What I want is that so when I click button99, button99 and label2, Hide.

How do I do that?

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