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Variable Packing UDF

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These functions pack/unpack variables to/from binary data. It is useful to save setting or preference into binary data, or transfer variables between different script, etc.


In my programs, I store all the sensitive setting in a single associative array. Use this to pack it, and then compress, encrypt, and save to file.


Supported type: Int, String, Binary, Ptr, Bool, Double, Default, 1D/2D Array, Associative Array (of my UDF).

Required (not included): and





#Include "VarPack.au3"
#Include "AssociativeArray.au3"
Func Example_Usage()
    Local $Array1D[5] = [1, "2", 3.3, Binary("0x44"), Ptr(5)]
    Local $Array2D[2][4] = [[$Array1D, False, True, Default], [Int(0/0), "", 3, 4]]
    Local $AA = AACreate()
    AAPut($AA, "123", 123)
    AAPut($AA, 456, Ptr(456))
    AAPut($AA, Binary("0x778899"), $Array2D)
    AAPut($AA, Int(0/0), $Array1D)
    Local $WhatToPack[3] = [$Array1D, $Array2D, $AA]
    Local $Binary1 = _VarPack($WhatToPack)
    Local $WhatUnpacked = _VarUnpack($Binary1)
    Local $Binary2 = _VarPack($WhatUnpacked)
    ConsoleWrite("Size of packed data: " & BinaryLen($Binary1) & @CRLF)
    ConsoleWrite("Variable unpack succeed: " & ($Binary1 = $Binary2) & @CRLF)
    Local $Data = AAGet($WhatUnpacked[2], Binary("0x778899"))
    $Data = $Data[0][0]
    $Data = $Data[4]
    ConsoleWrite("Try to read unpacked variable Ptr(5): " & $Data & @CRLF)



VarPack UDF.zip

Edited by Ward

新版 _ArrayAdd 的白痴作者,不管是誰,去死一死好了


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I'm sorry if I don't understand the purpose of this, but how is this different than a DllStruct?

This work on array, associative array, array in array, array in associative array, associative array in array, 2D array in array, etc...

新版 _ArrayAdd 的白痴作者,不管是誰,去死一死好了


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Very nice example, but I get an error

C:\VarPack.au3(71,49) : ERROR: _VarPack() called with Const or expression on ByRef-param(s).

$Data[$i] &= _VarPack(AAGet($Var, $Keys[$i]))


C:\VarPack.au3(27,26) : REF: definition of _VarPack().

Func _VarPack(ByRef $Var)


C:\VarPack.au3 - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

!>09:06:26 AU3Check ended.rc:2

And with forum upgrade your sign has become unreadable :graduated:

AutoIt X86 - SciTE 3.6.0WIN 8.1 X64 - Other Example Scripts

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Although AU3Check report it as error, however, the script can work without problem.

To avoid it report as error, may change the code

$Data[$i] &= _VarPack(AAGet($Var, $Keys[$i]))


Local $Keys = AAGet($Var, $Keys[$i])
$Data[$i] &= _VarPack($Keys)

But since both code work, is there any other reason to do the change except to let AU3Check happy?

新版 _ArrayAdd 的白痴作者,不管是誰,去死一死好了


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