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Pull Data Wired Situation

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Okay what im trying to do is pull the list of stores provided by there zip code I already have it where it will pull up the correct page for each zip code by the url..


$Part1 = "[url="http://stores.petsmart.com/index.php?location=43210&radius=75&submit.x=62&submit.y=22"]http://stores.petsmart.com/index.php?location=[/url]"
$Part2 = $ZipCode
$Part3 = "[url="http://stores.petsmart.com/index.php?location=43210&radius=75&submit.x=62&submit.y=22"]&radius=75&submit.x=62&submit.y=22[/url]"
$Webpage = $Part1 & $Part2 & $Part3
_IeCreate ($Webpage);

But once in there im trying to use the _InetGetSource function to pull all the stores listed but I cant I belive this is because it is a java window can anyone sugest any way to get around this or another way to do it.

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